We’re on a mission to help parents and educators raise safe children in a digital world.

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Happier, safer childhoods start with well informed adults

James and Cheryl

Two years ago, James (Co-Founder), was having a conversation with his neighbour. They were talking about the things they saw children doing online. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the pair realized how out of their element they were - even though both work in technology driven industries.

That night when speaking with his wife Cheryl (Director of Growth) the two created their personal mission: to make sure children have the tools and knowledge to safely explore the online world.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, James knows that it is up to parents and education system to prepare children for the digital world. However, neither was (or still is) fully equipped with the understanding and resources needed to navigate the digital realm. Whether it is bullying, assault, feelings of isolation, sexual health, or relationships, the internet has changed the way our children relate to the world and one another.

Farzin, Jared and David (Co-founders) were all aligned with the mission to help raise safe and healthy children in a digital world.

When kids enter school, they are put into a class and given their first email address and password. But kids have been interacting online long before they arrive in-classrooms. This is where the problem often starts.

While schools and parents do their best to keep up with modern times, the current education system does not prioritize navigating online safety- thus arises a grey area about whose responsibility it is.

Parents try to stay informed and engage, but as kids grow up, it becomes harder and harder to monitor everything they do. On top of that, curriculum, training, and teachers’ access to resources are not as robust as they need to be.

This is why we’ve structured Cyber Legends to empower adults and children alike through digestible and fun in-game play and resources.

Jared, Farz and Dave

Here’s why what we do matters

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In 2021, we launched the MVP version of our dashboard for educators, and assembled a team of 5 founders, 8 advisors, and 14 game developers to bring Cyber Legends to life.
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Through our game and teaching resources, we prepare kids to safely navigate an evolving digital world. By continually working with a team of educators, game creators, and researchers, we are able to cater our game and resources to meet the changing needs to families, educators and children worldwide.

Practicing What We Preach

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