Our Mission

Our Mission

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Our Goal

Over the next decades, all technology that is used by children and families will change. Our goal is to keep kids safe by building a business that evolves with technology while teaching kids how to think - not what to think.

Anchored in the cyber safety of our kids, we are building the world’s most popular educational platform. It will be a place where 100’s of millions of players can turn their passion for gaming and need for a 21st century digital education of online safety, coding and financial literacy, into real life assets. It will be a cyber education which prepares kids for the real life changes and obstacles they will face.

Our vision is to reduce the technical skills gap the inevitable change will bring, to enable educational institutions to reduce their risk from cyber-attacks and a lack of digital education in the student population, and most importantly, to keep our children safe online.In other words, we want to help parents and teachers raise safe children and S.E.E.D their success in a digital world.

Deep Dive

Today, tomorrow and over the next 100 years, Cyber Legends will S.E.E.D success into the lives of children everywhere.

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In order to keep children safe, we need to be avid learners of emerging technologies, understand the threats they pose to children, and build solutions that help keep them safe.


We need to embrace technologies that unlock accessible, scalable, and personalized high-quality education across the world.

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As technologies change, demands in the job market do as well. We will focus on the skills required to make young adults employable and give entrepreneurs the digital education to build their vision.


All kids, regardless of their origins or aspirations, will face obstacles in life. We need to instill the drive in children to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

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Sound good to you?

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