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Being Cyber Smart starts with the adults in a child’s life

Our goal is to make it easy for parents and teachers to empower children to stay safe online - no matter where they are.

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How to Be A Cyber Legend

Our approach is based on 6 key pillars which, together, equip kids with the skillset to remain safe online.

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Be Cyber Positive

Understand how to safely and respectfully navigate a changing digital landscape. We cover how to navigate social media, exposure to strangers and safely engaging and sharing online.

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Cyber Kind Heart

Be Cyber Kind

It is important kids learn about the way relationships evolve online. In this module, we cover how language, truthfulness, and perception, shape digital safety and wellbeing.

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Be Cyber Informed

Given all of the misinformation in today’s day and age, kids must learn how to interpret information critically. We develop the skills to help kids ask important questions and judge information based on factual merit.

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Be Cyber Secure

Kids need to comprehend the ways cybercriminals take advantage of an increasingly complex digital world. Here they learn to identify criminal activities and reduce exposure to cyber threats.

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Be Cyber Safe

Security settings differ between every app and website, so it is important that kids learn to identify red flags. In this module, we help kids understand that protecting your private information goes beyond just have a strong password.

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Be Cyber Healthy

The digital world has changed how young people experience healthy relationships and sexual health. In this module, we talk about sextortion, sexting and inappropriate content.

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Tools to Keep Kids Safe

Parent Resources

Guides to talk to your kids about safety.

The Game

Play your way to safety on Station66.

Teaching Resources

Curriculum aligned lessons and activities.

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Our game and at home resources are just around the corner.

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