We are on a mission to protect every child around the world from cyber predators.

Cyber safety and coding education for kids

Curriculum-aligned, age specific security and safety education.

Introduce your kids to the world of coding

Protect your children today and set them up for success in the future.

Cyber safety and coding education in a fun, game-based environment.

Open-world game

Engaging and fun for kids with endless educational in-game missions.

Cyber safety awareness

Curriculum-aligned, age specific security and safety education.

Key coding concepts

Age appropriate coding to deal with simulated threats in the games.

The Team


Farzin Habib Pour

Co-founder & CEO

Jared Rietdyk

Co-founder & CTO

James Hayes

Co-founder & CPO

David Brebner



Jessica Albrecht

Ontario College of Teachers, OCT
Teaching Resources

Alexander Davis

Ph.D. Candidate, Education Professor
Curriculum Development

Ed Dille

Chairman & CEO, FOG Studios
Game Development

Kristiana Vellucci

Bachelor’s Degree, Media Theory and Production-Interactive Design

Development Team

Simon Bailey

Studio Head

Luke Richards

Lead Designer

Horea Trinca

Lead Technical Artist & Game Designer

Adrian Bugnar

Art Director

Rafal Nowocien


Jon Reid

Project Manager

Anthony Charlton

Business Manager

Tom Brown

QA Lead

Naina Rawat

Marketing Manager

Abi T Smith

Communications Manager

Alexandra Pop

Project Manager and Scrum Master

We are working hard every day to make Cyber Legends the most accessible cyber security educational platform for kids.  Empowering parents, teachers and school administrators with learning tools that help keep our kids safe.

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