Impactful Lessons For Cyber Safety

Deliver education to keep your students safe online using a massive library of complete and ready to use teacher resources. This includes lesson plans, presentation slices, parental letters, etc.

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Cyber Legends provides you with ready-to-go cyber safety and coding teaching resources mapped to your curriculum. Use our free and accessible resources to help you prepare your students to navigate the online world.

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Our platform helps you save time while making a difference.

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Set up a learning environment and deliver lessons directly to your students within minutes.

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Receive student progress reports and other indicators of learning to track progress from week to week.

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Cyber Legends is free, so you don’t have to worry about another barrier to teaching!

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How to use these resources

We want you to have the knowledge to prepare your students for the online world.  We know that pulling curriculum and lesson plans together can feel overwhelming, so we’ve worked with teachers and pedagogical experts to develop resources spanning all the topics you will need to cover!

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The lessons are well put together. Students certainly came out of this lesson understanding what passwords do, why they are important and how to create a strong password.

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Julia Murray
Head of School. Royal Oak Community School
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The kids really enjoyed the lessons. They were engaging and allowed for students to reflect and participate actively. Very relevant to students’ lives outside of school too!

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Danielle Mikolic
Principal, Ferndale Public School