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All the complexities of internet safety – distilled into engaging, well-tested, curriculum-aligned, and beautifully structured lesson plans for grades 1–8.

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Embark on a cyber safety education journey with Cyber Legends - your ultimate resource for teaching online safety to your kids! Our platform offers a comprehensive curriculum aligned solution with educational standards, providing engaging content to empower young minds in the digital realm.

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When you sign up, you’ll begin to navigate the world of cyber safety through our dashboard: designed to streamline your educational experience. Here you’ll access all of our in class resources, professional development tools, and a customized planner to help you figure out what content to teach and when!

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Our resources guide you through how to tackle hard-to-teach topics such as:

  • How to make a strong password
  • How to tell if an adult is trustworthy
  • How to deal with a bully online
  • Avoiding & coping with identity theft
  • And more!
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