Grade 3 Teacher Shares her Secret Stash: 35 Incredible Virtual Activities for Kids
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Grade 3 Teacher Shares her Secret Stash: 35 Incredible Virtual Activities for Kids

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Jennifer Manuge teaches grade 3 in Bradford Ontario. She’s been teaching for about 10 years. When she’s not teaching kids, she loves to go outdoors and play with her rescue dog Susie. Susie is a “foster fail” from the shelter Jenn volunteers at: Jenn took Susie home during the pandemic, and never gave her back!


Thanks Jenn for sharing your secret stash of classroom resources with Cyber Legends!


As well as sharing her stash, we were also excited to get to know Jenn better. Here are some questions we asked Jenn. 

How long has the internet been a regular part of your classroom?

The internet has been an integral part of my teaching career. Not only do I use the internet to inform my lessons, but students use the internet daily to complete assignments and work.

What are some of the pros and cons of having the internet in your class?

With using the internet and technology in class, comes many pros and cons. Students need to be taught about Digital Citizenship before they are able to use the internet safely. The internet is an amazing learning tool when students are able to access it safely. It is my job as an educator to be sure students are taught the safety aspect of using the internet at home and at school.

Have you played the Cyber Legends game?

The Cyber Legends game is so fun! With relatable characters and fun tasks, students are able to learn about digital safety and how to optimize their safety potential online. Students will love the interface with quests and challenges to complete.

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What advice would you give to parents when it comes to their kids’ online safety?

It is very important for parents to understand the risks and responsibilities that come along with letting their kids use the internet. The dangers online are very real and as trusted adults, we need to educate children to be critical and open with us while online. This comes with sitting down with your kids and going through the online platforms and games they use. Keep the communication open! 

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Jenn’s Stash of Incredible Virtual Activities 


1. Cyber Legends

Cyber Legends epic game teaches kids online safety in the funnest way possible.


2. Mashup Free Math Puzzles (all ages)

Math puzzle PDFs for different grades that you can download. 

3. Barbara Reid – Videos

View videos of the work of Barbara Reid, a Canadian picture book illustrator who uses plasticine to create her illustrations.

4.  MentalUP – Daily Brain Teasers

Brain teasers – with answers! 

5.  Storyboard Creator

Create your own graphic novel or even a movie with this online storyboard creator!


6.  Math Before Bed

Like a bedtime story, but with math. 

7. Tumble Books

By clicking on the book covers, access a narrated video preview of each book. Great for those who aren’t so excited about reading. 


8. Teach Your Monster

Beautiful high-quality learning game designed to help kids learn to read.  


9.  Lunch Doodles with Mo Willem

Join award-winning artist of picture book classics like Don’t Let the PIgeon Drive the Bus in his home studio! 

10.  MS MakeCode Arcade

Code editor (for beginners) allows kids to create retro arcade games that display in the browser. 

11.  Virtual Field Trips

More than 40 field trips you can take with your kids, from the couch! 


12. Typing Club

Learn how to type. 


13. Tip Tank (game) 

This is a fun game that teaches about water conservation.  

14.  Word Art

Easily make “word cloud art” with this creative word art creator. 

15.  Dreamscape 

This educational game helps kids learn to read.  

16.  Flappy Typing

Typing games that teach other subjects at the same time. 

17.  Reading Rocket

Learn-to-read resources for the family.  

18.  ABCya

Vast array of educational online games for kids. 


19.  Unite for Literacy

Free narrated picture books in a number of different languages.  

20.  Storyline Online

Literacy website that features actors like Oprah reading kids books. 

21.  Reversi 

Learn and play the card game Reversi online.  

22. Peter Pig’s Money Counter 

Peter Pigs is a financial literacy game that teaches money counting skills. 

23. Paper Snowflake Maker

Instructions are provided to create virtual snowflakes by “cutting” a polygon.   

24. Free Rice

Answer trivia questions, and free rice will be donated to families in need. 

25.  Grade 3 Math

Learn math skills for grade 3 kids.  

26.  Biz Kids Game

These online games introduce kids to business and financial literacy concepts. 

27.  Math Games

More games teaching math skills (all ages). 


28.  Math is fun

More online games teaching math skills (all ages). 


29.  Hooda Math Games

Math games for all (you can’t really have too many math games, can you)? 

30.  Khan Academy

Free lessons in math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. 

31.  Art for Kids

Huge array of art activities for kids of all ages.  

32.  Quick Draw! 

Have a blast by doodling – and seeing whether the computer can recognize what you’re drawing!  

33.  Disaster Master  

Online game designed to help players learn about natural disaster.  

34.  NASA Kids’ Club

A game to learn about NASA and space.


35.  Play Chess Online

Kids can practice playing chess at the appropriate skill level. 


Please enjoy these incredible online learning resources from the secret stash of Grade 3 Teacher Jenn Manuge!

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