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Station66 needs your help! Evil Lord Hacker has turned robots against earth’s outer space colony.  First created to help keep society safe, The Robots and Lord Hacker are now causing destruction everywhere. The people of Station 66 need a hero - are you ready?

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Customize your base and character

Make outer space feel like home. Choose your character, colours, gear, and more!

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Explore Station66

You will need to find a way to explore the world, collect resources, and make friends without being caught by Lord Hacker!

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Defend the colony!

Build your own robots, develop special moves, complete mission-critical tasks, and go to battle against Lord Hacker and the robot army!

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Help Khloe make everyone's lives better!
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Help Dorothy protect her computer up and running with anti-virus protection
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Elliot is constantly online. Help keep him safe!
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Learn to fish with Farzin the Fisherman.
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Help Francince reprogram the bots on Station66!
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frank & ALICE
Help Frank and Alice decrypt their data to get ransomware off their computer.
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Help Krysta look out for her little brother and sister and care for the planet's cute alien animals!
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Are you ready
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