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This is our story.

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Our Approach

How do we keep children safe for generations to come, regardless of how technology evolves?

Cyber Legends began with a spark when Farzin and Jared decided to take a risk early in the pandemic and create a new venture in cyber security.

Wasn’t initially geared towards kids. However, they brought together a team in James, Dave and Cheryl, and as the team continued to do research & see how this company could evolve, they collectively saw risk for children.

It became very apparent that, with the massive shift to online learning, kids were being more exposed to the dangers of the online world than ever before. With this realization, they decided to pivot the business to focus on protecting kids.

This is when Cyber Legends was born.

From the start, the gap that parents and schools face was abundantly clear. Both teachers and parents felt they lack resources, time and knowledge required to keep their kids safe.

The team made it their mission to create an engaging and accessible cyber safety and security learning experience that is globally accessible and continually upgrades to match the technologies that put our children at risk.

To do so, they asked themselves: how do we keep children safe for generations to come regardless of the technology that we are protecting them from?

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Our Approach

In order to support resilient children, we need to S.E.E.D success. That means something something and another thing! In order to support resilient children, we need to S.E.E.D success. That means something something and another thing!

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We need to be avid learners of emerging technologies, understand the threats they pose to children, and build solutions that help keep them safe.


We need to embrace technologies that unlock accessible, scalable, and personalised high-quality education across the world.


We need to create content that focuses on the skills required to make young adults employable as the demands of the workforce change.


Whether kids want to be a teacher, next generation CEO, or loving and dedicated stay at home parent, life will put obstacles in their way. We need to instill drive in our children and give them the confidence needed to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.

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Meet (some of) the Team!

We have a team of 20+ full time staff, freelancers and advisors working hard behind the scenes to bring Cyber Legends to life.

Meet the Full Team
James Hayes


Co-Founder, CEO

Cheryl Hayes


Co-Founder, CBDO

Farzin Habib Pour

Habib Pour

Co-Founder, CPO

Jared Rietdyk


Co-Founder, CTO

David Brebner


Co-Founder, CFO