A game created to help keep your child safe online

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Cyber Legends is an educational game your child will want to play. Kids of all ages complete fun customized missions, learn about online safety, and develop basic coding skills in order to save the day!

Our goal is to create a safe space that keeps you closely involved while helping your child learn to stay safe online.

Progress Reports

Receive ongoing updates about what your child is doing in-game, how much time they spend playing, and what kind of conversations might be worth having.

Safe & Private

Cyber Legends is played locally - your child will not be playing with anyone online.

Parental Controls

Set restrictions on playtime limits, content, and other settings without having to take away their device.

Age Appropriate Content

Missions are customized based on your child’s age and developmental stage - everything is closely mapped to their in-school curriculum.

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Getting the most out of Cyber Legends

Deciding when and how to expose your kids to the world of online safety can be tricky. We believe that fun digestible lessons and open conversations are a great way to educate yourself and your child. Here is what you can expect your child to learn about in Cyber Legends:

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Become a Cyber Guardian!

Help keep other children safe too.

Cyber Legends is on a mission to make the online world safer for all children, but not all kids have access to a trusted adult, or the funds needed to get the most out of our game. Through our Cyber Guardian program, you can sponsor a child when you register your own.

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